Health & Safety Policy

To have a healthy, safe, accident free and productive work environment for all employees.

This is to be achieved through:

  • Every employee will be familiar with, understand and comply with the Safety Code for their area of operation, whether General Roading or Forestry, and the Health and Safety in Employment Act.
  • No employee shall knowingly place themselves or their workmates in a hazardous situation that is likely to cause harm. All personnel are accountable to themselves and to each other for safety.
  • All employees will be properly trained or under direct skilled supervision ( until they have satisfied the employer they are competent) for any task which they perform.
  • All steps will be taken by all employees and management to identify hazards and to determine ways of eliminating, isolating, or minimising those hazards.
  • Staff Safety meetings will be held monthly or at anyone’s request to discuss issues relating to safety, training, and health.
  • The Company agrees to ensure all equipment and transport vehicles are maintained in a safe working order. All employees are expected to use the equipment and vehicles in a safe manner.
  • The quality of the safety management program will be assured through internal and external audits, under the responsibility of supervisors.
  • All accidents causing injury shall be reported to the Company.
  • The safety Policy and work rules will be reviewed and updated regularly by management and employees.

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Drug & Alcohol Policy


  1. We are committed to ensuring the good health and safety of every employee and visitor to our workplace, to ensuring healthy and safe working conditions, and to the safe operation of all equipment in the workplace. For that reason, we have adopted the following Drug and Alcohol Policy, which prohibits all employees, at all levels, from working or conducting company business under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Drugs means any mind altering or legally controlled substance unless it is prescribed by a doctor and used in accordance with medical directions. Alcohol means any alcoholic drink, spirits, wine or beer.
  2. You are prohibited from:
    1. Working or conducting company business under the influence of drugs or alcohol; or
    2. Using, possessing, distributing or consuming drugs or alcohol on company property during work time; or
    3. Driving a company vehicle under the influence of drugs or alcohol at any time; or
    4. Using or consuming drugs or alcohol when off-duty if it would result in you reporting to work or performing your duties under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  3. Alcoholic beverages may be served or consumed at social events in designated areas, with prior approval. You must abide by this policy at any social event at which alcoholic beverages are served.
    You are responsible for ensuring that you remain in a condition to perform your duties and/or respond to an emergency situation.

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