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We will contact you with a water booking confirmation email detailing delivery date, delivery address and amount. IF YOU DO NOT GET THIS CONFIRMATION EMAIL WITHIN 12 HOURS PLEASE CONTACT US, AS YOU MAY NOT BE BOOKED IN.

Deliveries can be cancelled up to 24 hours before delivery date, after this time we cannot guarantee the cancellation will be actioned in time, you will be given a code confirming the cancellation has been actioned.  If we are on our way or arrive at your property to deliver when you cancel, we will charge for our truck time.

Driveways need to be at least 3m wide, clear and free of obstacles like parked cars and overhanging branches or anything preventing safe access for our driver and truck.  If we cannot access the property or the water tank safely, or the tanks are full on arrival our driver will leave without delivering water, and charges will apply.

Please advise us if hoses more than 40m are required as additional charges may apply.

Water can be spilt over several tanks but additional charges may apply if we need to reroll out hoses or move the truck.

Payment is due in full before the delivery date or the delivery may be cancelled.

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